The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries are reporting increased numbers of drone encounters within the 5-mile Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restricted airspace designated around all airports. These FAA airport ‘No Fly Zones’ require FAA authorization to fly drones within this airport airspace, but with lack of drone pilot awareness to rules and restrictions coupled with the lagging local and state laws that would allow law enforcement to pursue drone airspace violators leaves airports feeling reactive versus proactive in dealing with protecting their airspace. As more drones take to the skies, expect the continued increase of close encounters to rise.

So, WHAT can Airports do to be proactive for drones entering their airspace and violating FAA restrictions?

911 Security offers a drone detection solution, AirGuard, that detects the unidentified drones and drone pilots that fly within the airport’s designated 5-miles FAA 'No Fly Zone'. AirGuard allows geofencing (virtual fencing) called SmartGEO that can be configured to match each airport's specific ascending and descending flight paths, custom altitude alerts, runway zones, and interior and exterior airport perimeter to add varying notification and alert levels to provide the most adequate level of security to match all airport's custom airspace security needs. Air traffic control towers can notify airline pilots in advance to drones that are near or are in their flight paths, diverting aircraft appropriately based on the situation to avoid potentially fatal incidents with drones.

Airport and Drone

FAA Drone Prediction: Between 2016 to 2021, the FAA expects the number of consumer drones in U.S. skies to increase from 1.1 million to 3.55 million. According to Business Insider's research, globally the number of consumer drones could hit 29 million by 2021.

AirGuard, Drone Detection Solution, provides airport airspace awareness including:

  • Identifying drone and drone pilot flight activity 360 degrees around airports. 
  • Provides security teams with drone flight data including drone make, model, speed, altitude, drone home location, and GPS location of both the drone and drone pilot location. 
  • Customizable advanced warning and alert capability and real-time monitoring of drone activity allowing for actionable intervening of drone and drone pilot. 
  • Custom real-time alerts sent by text, SMS, and email to unlimited number of personnel, allowing for real-time monitoring of all prohibited drone activity.. 
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing security systems, 
  • Captures and retains drone flight history for use as digital evidence in legal cases.
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Drone Laws Listed By State      

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