30-Day Airspace Risk Assessment

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This assessment will provide important data for understanding the likelihood, magnitude, and nature of drone threats as well as answer the following questions:

  • How many drones are in your airspace? For how long?
  • How many drones in my airspace are repeat visitors?
  • What do these drones’ flight paths look like?
  • Do they survey the same spots?
  • What size are these drones?
  • Could they carry a payload?
  • Where are the pilots?

During the 30-Day Drone Detection & Airspace Assessment the following capabilities

Some of our clients took it a step further and used it beyond the assessment to catch and prosecute bad actors when detected. The assessment will include a turnkey deployment of AirGuard, training, education on polices and best practices guide.

At the end of the 30 days, 911 Security will compile an enterprise level report that goes into details about our findings and discuss best practices.

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Start with a Live Demo and Overview

Some of our clients took the demo a step further and used it beyond the assessment to catch and prosecute bad actors when their drones were detected.

Read our case study to see how AirGuard helped Law Enforcement catch and prosecute a drone pilot acting in bad faith.

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Drone laws & regulations in the USA

Do you know your state, local law and or federal laws or regulations for USA airspace?

How do I start to create a sUAV policy for my facility?

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