Keep Drones Out of Public Events, Keep People Safe

Drones can be modified to carry heavy payloads. Drones can bypass traditional security systems like metal detectors and smuggle a gun right into the hand of a shooter, or drop an explosive or chemical on top of a crowd.

Avoid interruption of events

Avoid interruption of events

Ensure safety of spectators and infrastructure

Ensure safety of spectators and infrastructure

Prevent copyright infringement

Prevent copyright infringement

Take Proactive Anti-Drone Measures

Event organizers and law enforcement can take proactive measures to protect their spectators, performers, and staff from aerial drone threats. By being able to detect and track all UAV's that enter the event and surrounding airspace, event organizers and law enforcement can react to any aerial threats and prevent them from causing damage.

Latest Drone Incidents

Security takes down drone flying over Falcons practice facility

Ahead of their Super Bowl game, the NFLs Atlanta Falcons security spotted a drone flying over their practices. While the pilot turned out to be a neighborhood family, many initially speculated espionage from their opposing team, the New England Patriots.

Terrorist drone attack fears led to closure of stadium roof

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), decided to close the retractable roof of the Millennium Stadium in Wales over fears terrorists could fly a drone into the ground during the Champions League final.

No drone zone for those attending the Super Bowl

The U.S. FAA implemented temporary flight restrictions within a 34.5 mile radius of NRG Stadium in downtown Houston, Texas for the Super Bowl. Drone security wasn't the only talk of the town for the Super Bowl - Intel showcased a drone light show at halftime.

Drone crashes into spectators at baseball game

A rogue drone flew directly inside a baseball stadium, crash landing into a group of spectators. Investigators were not able to determine if the pilot was flying with malicious intention, or if this was a case of pilot error.

Formula One bosses fear terrorists will attack Grand Prix

Set for July 2017, event organizers are equipping themselves with massive nets to catch drones if they come too close to the racetrack, athletes or spectators.

icon 1 - Cybersecurity/CorporateDrone Detection Solution and Countermeasures

We use an array of sensors including RF detection, video, audio feeds, and triangulation to detect drones, track their flight, and locate the drone pilot. We integrate with your existing security infrastructure like alarms, video cameras, and access control and with third party products like jammers and spoofers.

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