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04Dec 2017

Drone carrying blades crashes into Oklahoma prison yard

Drone carrying blades crashes into Oklahoma prison yard


A drone attempted to deliver contraband to the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester, Oklahoma. The drone crashed in the prison yard after hitting a razor wire. A package attached to the drone using a fish line was carrying: two 12 inch blades, meth, heroin, cell phones, a cell phone battery, two packs of cigarettes and two tubes of Super Glue. This maximum security prison houses almost 800 male inmates, and 80 percent of those inmates are violent offenders.

"I applaud and commend the quick action and diligence on the part of the staff who noticed the UAV that entered the prison grounds," said DOC director Robert Patton. "We must maintain vigilance and stay one step ahead of the game in terms of the technology being used in and around facilities."

The adoption of anti drone technology and drone detection systems would help prevent such breaches in security. Events involving drones breaching prison perimeters have taken place at correctional facilities in other states, including when a drone crashed into a Georgia prison yard and when a drone helped an inmate escape from a maximum security prison in South Carolina.


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