Where You Need It When You Need It

Security requirements change. Sometimes over months, sometimes in a day. There are times you may want the AirGuard over there instead of right here. No problem, 911 Security AirGuard Mobile is where you want it, when you want it.

AirGuard mobile drone detection kit

AirGuard Mobile identifies, tracks and evaluates potential airspace threats where you want it, when you want it. When a threat is detected, AG Mobile activates pre-determined Standard Operating Procedures. Detection responses are easily customized to the new location, including activating alarms, sending e-mails and informing rogue-drone investigation teams.

Plug-and-play AirGuard Mobile deploys in less than 10 minutes! Everything you need is in a portable Pelican case.

AirGuard Mobile is battery powered so a local power source is not needed. The battery life is 8 hours. If needed, longer solar options are available.                                                                        AirGuard Mobile also comes with a 4G modem connecting to our cloud server.

A Fence in the Sky. Airspace security dome with 2 miles diameter per Kit. Add another kit for larger coverage.

Analytics and Reports. Gather Data around your airspace security, learn how many drones entered your airspace, what routes did they take and are the same drones coming back?