Where You Need It When You Need It

When it comes to areas that require permanent drone detection, 911 Security fixed setup provides a stable, reliable solution. However, there are times when a less-permanent fix is actually the better one. When this is the case, 911 Security Drone detection and countermeasures mobile kit is the answer.

911 Security mobile drone detection kit

It is used to identify, track, and evaluate potential airspace security threats miles away. And once a threat has been confirmed, we can take the next step, by activating on-site deterrents, such as alarms, strobe lights, or even launch an Anti-drone strike team.

Deploys in less than 10 min. Everything you need in a portable pelican place. Plug and play Mobile kit.

No local power needed. 8-hour operation time on included battery (expandable up to 72 hrs). Longer solar options are available.

A Fence in the Sky. Airspace security dome with 2 miles diameter per Kit. Add an extra kit to increase coverage.

Analytics and Reports. Gather Data around your airspace security, learn how many drones entered your airspace, what routes did they take and are the same drones coming back?