Detect, Track, and Protect Against Unidentified sUAV's

Are you securing your infrastructure's airspace against unidentified drones?

The FBI issued a bulletin on Nov 17, 2017, stating that drones are no longer just an overseas threat. Drones can breach security to gather competitive intelligence, surveil activity, hack into systems, and cause damage to critical infrastructures.

911 Security specializes in helping Critical Infrastructures discover airspace security vulnerabilities at their facilities and plants, refineries, exploration and production locations, transmission and distribution locations, energy and power infrastructures in remote and offshore locations and more. 

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County-Infrastructure. More Secure.


  • Create up to a 30 mile / 360° radius warning zone around your facility.
  • Locate the drone and the pilot miles before they reach your facility, alert law enforcement, and take action.
  • Enable your employees to react based on set policies and procedures.
No Hacking

No Hacking Networks / IOT Devices

No Damage

No Damage by Crashing / Terrorism

No Surveillance

No Unwarranted Surveillance

Detect & Track Drones

Detect & Track Drones

Track the drone's flight path and determine its destination.

Locate Drone Pilot

Locate Drone Pilot

Use the drone's path and triangulation to find the location of the pilot.

Security Alerts

Security Alerts

Ability to send out security alerts.

Stop Drones

Stop Drones

Multiple countermeasures methods - determined by your infrastructure's location.

Capture Evidence

Capture Evidence

Capture video evidence, recorded flight paths and drone information to assist in further investigation.

Drone used to attack Saudi Aramco's facilities in Jizan

Yemen's Houthi movement launched a drone strike on Saudi Aramco's oil facilities in Jizan. Oil giant Saudi Aramco operates a 400,000 barrel per day refinery in Jizan.

FAA restricts drones over Department of Energy (DOE) facilities

The FAA said it will bar drone flights over seven major US Nuclear sites. The airspace restrictions became effective on Dec. 29th, 2017. 

Drone crashes into Con Edison power plant in Brooklyn

A drone crashed into a Con Edison power plant near the East River in Brooklyn. The drone broke into pieces as it hit the building.

Drone crash cuts power to 1600 PG&E customers in Mountain View.

A pilot flying his drone in a no-fly zone, crashed his UAV into high voltage power wires, causing loss of power to 1600 PG&E customers, and tens of thousands of dollars of damage.

Drone causes power outage at Border Control checkpoint.

A drone slammed into a power line next to a Border Control checkpoint and caused a power outage. Border Control operations were disrupted and forced border patrol to shut down the checkpoint until power was restored.

icon 1 - Cybersecurity/CorporateDrone Detection Technology

We use an array of sensors including RF and Radar detection, video, audio feeds, and triangulation to detect drones, track their flight, and locate the drone pilot. We integrate with your existing security system.

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