28Oct 2017

DO NOT Buy a Drone Detection System Until You Read This

Drone security has become quite the concern for organizations and governments throughout the world.And it should be. After all, if a drone can make it onto the White House lawn undetected, it’s hard to imagine that anywhere can be considered a safe zone.Fortunately, as these concerns have been raised, innovative companies have begun to come up with technology that can detect, track, and mitigate drone threats.And while these drone detection systems can essentially neutralize a potential drone attack, not all companies creating these systems can be completely trusted for effectiveness.But before you even make a decision on what drone detection system to go with, let’s take a look at a few things to consider.

  1. Proof that Their Technology is Effective

Since this is a new technology, very few companies offering these systems have actually tested them with clients they’re attempting to sell to.This presents a real problem since these systems aren’t cheap and a faulty system can lead to major disasters.For instance, imagine an airport that uses one of these systems for airspace security. The drone radar used by the company is in beta and breaks down. This leads to a drone making its way onto the airspace.Can you see where we’re going with this?In order to make sure the company and their system can be trusted, you’ll want to perform your technology due diligence by asking these questions:

  • Has the technology been vetted by real clients? Many of these systems are still in beta, so you make sure they’ve already been thoroughly tested for effectiveness against drone attacks.
  • How long has this product been on the market and how many systems have been sold? This gives you a better idea of the company’s experience in the drone detection industry.
  • Who are their core customers? Are the industries the company currently serves similar to your own?
  • Can they provide references and do they offer a return policy? As we mentioned, these systems aren’t cheap. So make sure you’re fully protected before making a decision.
  1. Company Location

Many drone radar companies are based outside of the US.While this isn’t a major problem if they’ve proved their ability to prevent a drone attack, it can become one if they’re unable to provide strong customer support.In most cases, your best bet is to go with a company in your area or region that can guarantee the support you need.

  1. Company History and Future

Since this is a new technology, it means that these are new companies that might not have the ability to keep their doors open if they’re unable to find enough clients.

So you want to check on things like:

  • Website Age. How long have they been providing resources on drone radar and detection?
  • Take a look at LinkedIn to see who their employees are and the types of skills they have.
  • Money Raised/Secured from Investors. You can check this out through Crunchbase.
  1. Trials and/or Live Demos

Even if the company has a strong list of current clients and proven technology, it’s still important to see it for yourself before making a purchase.While some companies offer free trials, they should, at the very least, offer a live demo to show you how it can and will work for you.

Helping You Make an Educated Decision

Our goal is simple. We want to help you make an educated decision about what drone detection system to choose.

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