10Oct 2017

8 Reasons to install an apartment complex security system.

If you own an apartment or multi unit housing complex, your top priority should be tenant safety. After all, people won’t want to live in your development if they don’t feel safe. Not only will an increase in security make your tenants happier, they’ll have a positive effect on other aspects of your business. Here are eight reasons to install an apartment complex security system.


1. Provide Peace of Mind

If you install a monitored security system in your complex, residents will know that it will serve as a deterrent to crime, even in the safest of neighborhoods. Not only will they have peace of mind that their homes are secure and being monitored 24/7, they’ll know that the presence of the equipment itself will keep potential wrongdoers away.


2. Improve Curb Appeal

The visibility of your security system and video surveillance cameras won’t only put your residents at ease, but will deter those with malicious intent. Furthermore, it will encourage potential residents to inquire about your property.


3. Boost Occupancy

According to industry surveys, residents’ feelings of safety are a huge contributing factor to where they decide to live. Installing and maintaining a security system will help finalize lease-ups faster and close more leases overall.


4. Decrease Turnover

Increased safety means longer tenures for tenants. Residents who regularly benefit from and use installed security systems are constantly reminded of the advantages of living at your secure complex.


5. Increase Rent

Having an apartment complex security system is important to residents, especially to families with small children. Tenants will be willing to pay extra for this invaluable amenity, so make sure to highlight the visibility and functionality of your system during tours and site visits.


6. Avoid Liability

By providing proper security, you’ll be better protected against suits. Make your tenants aware that you are taking the appropriate measures to provide them with a secure environment. Also make sure you maintain your system and keep it up to date.


7. Up Your Image

Offering a security system as an amenity can also solidify your positive and tenant-centric reputation in the community. You will be demonstrating that you take pride in protecting your residents and their assets.


8. Provide a Sense of Community

According to a study by Harvard University, violence drops by as much as 40 percent in communities where residents know and look out for one another. After you install a security system, hold meetings where residents can learn about the system and how they can protect themselves and one another.



At the end of the day, families and individuals alike need to feel safe to be happy, and everyone wants to be happy in their home. Providing a safe space is your most important job—after all, having beautiful, luxury apartments and top of the line amenities but no security is like forgetting to install alarms and hire security personnel at a jewelry store. Protect your investment and those who choose to call your apartment complex home.